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President - Tanzania Association of Foresters
Prof.Reuben J. L. Mwamakimbullah

Message from the Chair: FITI - Advisory Board

On behalf of the Advisory Board, Instructors and staff, I take great pleasure in welcoming you to the website of the Forest Industry Training Institute (FITI).

In this fast-moving and competitive world, the key to an individual’s future lies in the range and quality of their education. We are delighted that you have made the right decision to undertake your studies at our institute. At FITI, while we are committed to helping students acquire knowledge, skills and intellectual values, we understand the importance of producing employable graduates who can contribute to the growth and prosperity of society. By choosing to study with us, you will be equipping yourself for success. During your time with us, you will be given an opportunity to embark on a journey designed to fully advance your academic abilities as well as develop a skill set of capabilities that is essential for your progression as an individual who is actively involved in the advancement of the communities to which you belong. Our unique programmes and valuable educational experiences promote leadership, innovation, and creativity to help our students achieve their full potential. The Institute combines excellent in-class teaching and field practices and enjoys the services of experienced instructors in the field. In addition to the certificate and diploma programmes in Forest Industry, FITI offers as well short courses that address the needs of forest industry advancement in the country. The Board looks forward to supporting your academic success as well as your personal development needs and wish you a wonderful experience and the learning journey in the coming years with FITI.

I’d also wish to emphasize here that, of recent, education and training is increasingly becoming demand driven, something which compels training institutions at any level to transform their services in order to face this paradigm shift. However, this transformation requires all interested parties to be given an access to quality, reliable and up-to-date information. It is with these views that, FITI has decided to launch this website which will be both informative and interactive. It is a platform for sharing ideas and discussing various relevant issues which will eventually lead to improved training quality and services offered by our institution.

This website therefore, provide a snapshot on FITI institutional outlook hence giving the necessary information on a range of courses and different activities conducted at our Institute. The information obtained on this website may not always be exhaustive and in the event you need further clarification or particulars, please visit us at Njoro Area, Moshi Municipality, Kilimanjaro Region.

We look forward to your happy studying and great experience at FITI.

Yours Truly,

Prof Reuben Mwamakimbullah

Chairman, Advisory Board