FITI acquire modern sawmill from Finland

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Imewekwa: 18th Apr, 2018

Status of wood industries in Tanzania

Wood industries in Tanzania are dominated by sawmilling and rely mostly on few hardwood and plantation species. The mills have very low utilization capacity and are operating with very low timber recovery rates due to obsolete technology, low investment, poor financing and weak market development. These problems are worsened by poor maintenance of the mills due to lack of appropriate spare parts and inadequately trained maintenance and machine operators. Consequently, these lead to capacity under-utilization and abundant wastes in the mill.

Scope of the project

The scope of this project is to engage into partnership Forest Industries Training Institute (FITI) with Slidetec sawmill manufacturer from Finland to sell slidetec modern sawmills in Tanzania and in future in East Africa. Slidetec modern sawmill have been preferred by FITI due to its qualities and technical specifications of this machine which are:

i. Durability, reliability, built for decades of commercial use

ii. No log sorting needed for size, length or species

iii. Efficient, thin kerf, great recovery (48% - 53%)

iv. Precision in timber dimensions with smooth sawn surface

v. Use of sliding sawing table instead of table sliding on rollers eliminating possibility of the table to derail from rollers especially when rollers are warned out

vi. Trouble free, no down time, very low maintenance costs

vii. Safety precautions and accessories are in place

viii. Less manpower requirement usually one man operation is common

ix. Log block positioning, turning, aligning, fastening are easily done

x. Saw blade change done easily without specialised tools, sometimes sharpening can be done without removal of saw blade

xi. Very reasonable purchase price with great Return of Investment (ROI)

xii. Produces very little sawdust and waste which make it best warrant in business

xiii. For oversize logs there is top saws