Maswali Yaulizwayo Mara kwa Mara

Is there any employment opportunity for FITI graduates?

YES. FITI graduates can be employed and work with Tanzania Forest Services Agency (TFS), Local Government Authorities, Tanzania Forestry Research Institute (TAFORI) and Private forest industries companies.

Where is FITI found?

FITI is found in Kilimanjaro Region, Moshi Municipality about 3 kilometers from Moshi bus stand.

What are courses offered at FITI?

FITI offers short courses (Logging, Sawmilling and Timber grading and inspection) and long courses (Wood processing attendant level I, II and III, Basic Technician Certificate NTA 4, Technician Certificate NTA 5 and Ordinary Diploma NTA 6 in Forest Industries Technology).

What does FITI deals with?

It deals with short and long courses training in forest industries. It also conduct researches and offer consultancy services in forestry and forest industries.

Is FITI a private or government institution?

FITI is the short term for Forest Industries Training Institute. It is a Government institution under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism