Vision, Mission and Core Values


"Being centre for excellence in the provision of quality training and services in forest industries in Africa"


"Conduct demand-driven training courses, advocate for adoption and use of modern technology to improve the quality of forest products and services in forest industries in Tanzania"

Core Values

In pursuit of the mission the institute is guided by the following core values;

Honesty through demonstration of the high level of honesty, trust, and uprightness in discharging the services.

Commitment to providing high quality, efficiency, excellent service to customers, and improvement and Innovation.

Teamwork by capitalizing on working together and integrating diverse disciplines.

Observe the principles of best practices in leadership and governance.

Partnership in exercising equality and equity.

Professionalism- the Institute is committed to adhering to professionalism in all activities.

Client oriented- the institute is committed to the cultivation of positive relationships between community, students, academic and administrative staff.