Hali ya Miradi


Income generating activities


Currently, sources of income depend on Sawmilling and Woodworking activities. There is one Stationary sawmill and woodworking workshop at the main campus in Moshi and the Mobile sawmill at West Kilimanjaro Training Station.


1. Logging

a) Raw materials

The institute purchases standing trees from forest plantations in the Northern zone which are under Tanzania Forest Service (TFS) Agency. Raw materials from North and West Kilimanjaro Forest Plantations are processed using West Kilimanjaro mobile sawmill and those from Meru Forest Plantation in Arusha are processed using stationery sawmill in Moshi.

b) Timber harvesting and hauling

Upon harvesting, logs are measured, tallied and recoded in log tally sheet and then loaded to the truck(s) and transported to the mill.

2. Sawmilling

a) Log yard and sawing

Logs are sorted if necessary, the remaining branches are de-branched, cross cut, debarked and re-sawing big diameter logs to enable sawing operation to run smoothly and economically. Logs are sawn according to market specifications.

b) Timber yard

Sorting of sawn timber is done and arranged according to sizes. Depending on the market situation, customers may prefer the green timber or dried timber. Some sawn timber are used for training activities and maintenance of the institute’s wooden structures/facilities.

3. Woodworking

Modern beehives and furniture are produced according to customer’s preferences. Also services are provided and charged according to the type of service.